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Author Linda Tillis will be interviewed on The Juice Box on Thursday 21st November

Author Linda Tillis will be interviewed on The Juice Box on Thursday 21st November

This Thursday on The Juice Box, April will be doing a live call interview with Author Linda Tillis.

Linda Tillis was a prolific reader in school, but never thought about writing books. She did make extra money in high school penning book reports for others during lunch hour.

After graduation, she went to work at a sewing factory. For the first nine years she sewed, then for the next nine years she worked as assistant to the production manager. When garment production began to die in the United States, she decided to make a change. A big change. She went to work for the local police department and trained as a civilian Crime Scene Investigator. For the next twenty years she processed crime scenes from minor burglaries to homicides.

Her wonderful husband finally convinced her that the brutality of the job was affecting her health, and so after twenty years she retired. He presented her with a professional camera and told her to go out and take photos of “living” things. This led to her selling nature photos and articles to the Florida Wildlife Magazine. Hubby then told her it was time to write a book. She laughed at first, and then she wrote one. Which led to another, and another. And, of course, they each held elements of her history in police work. It was easier to write about the “bad” things if she put them in a historical setting. And so, they became historical romances with a touch of murder and/or domestic violence, but always a happy ending!

Linda Tillis is the author of three books published through The Wild Rose Press

“A Heart Made For Love”
“A Man With A Pure Heart”
“A Heart For All Time”

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Twitter: @Linda34434

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A review for A Heart Made For Love,

Michele Fowler
5.0 out of 5 stars

Touching and Courageous
June 1, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

A Heart Made for Love absolutely touched my own heart. Linda Tillis has a wonderful voice and clear writing style that draws the reader in and makes it hard to put down the book. The story line is tight, and Linda is able to weave in several threads to make the entire novel complete without being overly complicated. As I read, I found it hard to stop turning to the next page, wanting the story to continue even after I finished the last page. When a novel moves me to tears more than once, I know that book has become a part of me. Loved this first novel by Ms. Tillis and I can’t wait to read her second!

April Hollingworth

November 17th, 2019

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