Drive Time

Juice Extract

With Michael and Darren

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Thursday 5:00 pm trending_flat 7:00 pm

It’s Drive Time baby, let Darren and Michael guide you through traffic, with entertainment gossip, their award winning sports show “The Corner Flag”, pure randomness and of course, today’s biggest hits. Join the lads and guests every Thursday at 5pm.

Juice Extract crew



Darren is very interested in sports, such as Football Rugby Darts and Professional Wrestling. and wishes to move on to be involved with sports broadcasting in the future Darren is also interested in music and has a big interest in many different genres which include Reggae Rap Rock Irish Dance and many more genres.



He's a massive movie buff, his favorite movie is a toss up between, Shawshank Redemption, hot fuzz, and the Big Lebowski  While his favorite artist is Bruce Springsteen he's even got a song lyric tattooed on my arm.

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