Freshly Squeezed

with Colm and Damien

It's early and you're getting up for work, eating breakfast, trying to get out of the door on time... you might as well have a giggle while you're at it. Join Colm and Damien every Thursday morning from 8am, as they guide you to work with traffic updates, news & sport, silly segments and pure utter randomness. Expect guest appearances, prizes and giveaways, and one word weather updates.  

Colm has been a DJ for the past 20 years, mainly working clubs, bars and festivals. Some of his residencies over that time have included SoHo in Cork City for 13 years, the main room DJ of the Savoy nightclub, Dwyers, Redz, Voodoo, An Brog and many more. Many people might recognise him as one of the members of 80s Vs 90s group which play festivals around the country and the closing act of Indiependance Festival for the past few years.

Colm says he will play just about anything, as long as people are having fun, dancing and singing along. He’ll play anything except the JCB song, which he thinks is the worst song ever. Some may disagree but then again we all have that “one song”!

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