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with Mel.

The Juice Box will get ya though to lunch and beyond. Join Mel every Thursday 12pm t0 2pm for local entertainment and event news, interviews and plenty of tunes.

Jacques is a performance artist at heart, with a passion for writing and performing. He’s been involved with plays as far back as 2014, earning a Best Script Writer award that same year. Over the years, however, he discovered it was with his voice that he found the most joy in using, and so he made his way to the Tramore Road Campus radio course.  

Jacques likes reading and writing in his spare time and admits to being a bit of a nerd when it comes to sci-fi culture. His knowledge of all things spacey is something he takes pride in, and he will happily challenge you to a space-based nerd-off if given the chance. 

(He also admits to maybe being a bit narcissistic) 

Jacques can be heard on-air every Thursday 12pm to 2pm on Juice Cork radio. 

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